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Unusual jewelry - Guzel Bakeeva

This artist creates incredibly detailed and beautiful jewelry pieces, using a variety of different materials. They make me think of something that a princess in a fantasy story would be wearing. Please visit the artist's store, to see other works.

Ellery Gutierrez: Life-like paintings

Ellery Gutierrez has been painting since he was a young child, inspired by the Renaissance artists of Italy whose work he discovered in art history books.

Such was his enthusiasm that he started out as a self-taught artist, experimenting with drawing before moving to Caracas, where he began taking courses in drawing and painting in various artist studios, specializing in still life and oil painting.

His large-scale, realist paintings of tropical fruits reveal his passion for light and color, which he uses in an accomplished and delicate manner to enhance the succulent nature of his chosen subjects.

Venezuela’s national flower, the orchid, also features prominently in his detailed and sensuous depictions. GutiĆ©rrez has exhibited his work widely in Venezuela, participating in a range of group and solo exhibitions from 1993 to the present day.

Bead sculptures

Back from a break, I am presenting a number of amazing beaded sculptures that I have found around the net. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the original creator/creators. This may have been made by more than one person.